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Northcote Road - Clifton College

Clifton College, Bristol


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September 2020

Project Outline

Refurbishment and extensions to two existing buildings in a Conservation Area in Clifton, Bristol for Clifton College.


This project involved the successful refurbishment and extension of two existing buildings within the a Conservation Area in Bristol, undertaken by Kitto for Clifton College. The project encompassed a complete overhaul of both buildings, transforming them into contemporary teaching spaces while maintaining their historical significance.

Challenges and Considerations

  • Conservation Area: The location within a designated Conservation Area demanded meticulous attention to detail. The design and materials used for the refurbishment and extensions had to seamlessly integrate with the existing architectural style, preserving the historical character of the buildings and the surrounding area.
  • COVID-19: The project coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting logistical challenges and requiring strict adherence to safety protocols.

Project Highlights

  • Refurbishment: Both buildings received a complete refurbishment, including the installation of new mechanical and electrical services. This ensured improved energy efficiency and a comfortable learning environment for students.
  • Fabric Upgrade: The project included a comprehensive upgrade to the existing building fabric, encompassing a new roof. This addressed any structural concerns and ensured the longevity of the buildings.
  • Teaching Space Transformation: The refurbishment created modern and well-equipped teaching spaces, fostering a dynamic learning experience for Clifton College students.
  • On-Time Delivery: Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, Kitto successfully delivered the project on time in early September 2020. This achievement demonstrates the company's commitment to project management excellence and adaptability in challenging circumstances.
  • Client Collaboration: The project reflects a successful collaboration with Clifton College. While the second phase (Hartnell's House) was delayed at the client's request until May 2021, Kitto ensured a smooth handover and transition between phases.

The Northcote Road project exemplifies our expertise in sensitive refurbishment and extension projects within historically significant settings. The company's ability to navigate the challenges of a Conservation Area, coupled with our commitment to on-time delivery and client collaboration, resulted in a successful outcome for Clifton College. The revitalised buildings now offer students a modern and inspiring learning environment while preserving the College's rich architectural heritage.


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