Completed construction Project

Happy Days Nursery - Lyde Green

Lyde Green, Bristol






November 2019

Project Outline

Nursery & Pre School


This case study showcases Kitto's successful design and build project for a brand-new, 500m² single-story day nursery in Lyde Green, Bristol, commissioned by Happy Days Nurseries (HDN).

Turnkey Solution

We delivered a comprehensive turnkey service for Happy Days Nurseries. This included:

  • Planning Permission: Our team secured planning permission, navigating the local authority approvals process to ensure project feasibility.
  • Design and Build: Leveraging our expertise, and through working closely with O’Leary Goss Architects to develop design drawings, we designed the nursery to meet HDN's specific requirements. The company then handled the complete construction process, ensuring quality and adherence to timelines and budgets.

Client Collaboration

Clipper Properties Ltd acted as the developer, providing funding for the project. Kitto collaborated effectively with Clipper Properties to ensure the project aligned with their investment goals.

Meeting Tenant Specifications

The project encompassed both the building shell and the fit-out. Every aspect adhered to the detailed specifications provided by Happy Days Nurseries, guaranteeing a space that perfectly suited their operational needs and childcare philosophy.

Overcoming Site Challenges

A significant challenge of the site was a substantial slope exceeding 3 meters from the back to the front. This complication arose due to the proximity of a fully operational primary school. Our engineering ingenuity addressed this issue by constructing a retaining wall. Additionally, a suspended precast concrete slab was employed for a section of the building and the associated external play areas, creating a level and functional learning environment for the children.

Exceptional Project Delivery

Kitto's dedication to efficiency resulted in the project being completed an impressive 6 weeks ahead of schedule and under budget. This achievement demonstrates Kitto's commitment to exceeding client expectations while maintaining cost control.

Successful Outcome

Following completion, the development was acquired by a pension fund with Happy Days Nurseries confirmed as the tenant with a secure 25-year lease. This outcome signifies a win-win situation for all parties involved – the developer, the nursery operator, and ultimately, the children who benefit from a modern and stimulating learning environment at Happy Days Nursery.


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