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Kitto House

Kitto House, Bristol




March 2022

Project Outline

New premises for Kitto Group operations


We are proud to share our latest self-development venture: the creation of Kitto House! Made possible through a site/land swap agreement with a neighbouring school, we completed our new premises build during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this ambitious project resulted in a cutting-edge office space and purpose built joinery workshop to facilitate the continued growth of Kitto Groups operations.

With limited external resources available due to lockdown restrictions, our dedicated internal team stepped up to deliver a remarkable transformation despite numerous logistical constraints. The resulting customised workspace now boasts a generous floor area of 230 square meters, providing ample room for collaboration, innovation, and productivity. Additionally, the accompanying state-of-the-art joinery workshop spans over 190 square meters, offering us advanced fabrication capabilities for various projects moving forward.

As seen in the attached photographs, the interior design exudes professionalism and sophistication, embodying Kitto's core values and mission statement. From the sleek boardroom setup to ergonomic open offices, every aspect reflects careful planning and execution aimed at fostering creativity and efficiency among staff members. All of this leads to increasing our ability for our team to deliver the results our clients deserve when working with us.  Thank you to O’Leary Goss for their architectural services on this project and for the nomination for a Bristol Civic Society Design Award (see attached – worth including this as well or not?!?).

This strategic initiative has been entirely funded using reserve capital allocated solely for enhancing Kitto's long-term sustainability and growth potential. Upon completion, the company decided to retain ownership of the property as a valuable asset within its portfolio, further solidifying our financial stability for years to come.

Through determination, adaptability, and ingenuity, Kitto House stands as a testament to our resilience amidst challenging times. It serves as a functional hub where ideas flourish, relationships strengthen, and success stories unfold—all under one roof designed and built by the very hands responsible for shaping the future of the Kitto Group.

Kitto House was nominated for the 2023 Bristol Civic Society Award, you can read more in depth information about the project in our nomination write up.


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