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Hartnell's House - Clifton College

Hartnell's House, Clifton College


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September 2022

Project Outline

Extensive four-story boarding house refurbishment


We are proud to share our completion of an extensive four-story boarding house refurbishment at Hartnell's House, Clifton College. This mixed accommodation project for both girls and boys presented unique challenges that our team skilfully managed while delivering high-quality results within budget and on time.

Our objective involved not only modernising the existing facilities but also adding a first-floor extension sympathetic to the building's original architecture and character. We took great care to preserve its historical significance and ensure compliance with local conservation requirements throughout the process.  We would like to credit O’Leary Goss for their architectural services on this project. 

One of the major hurdles faced during this project was working in a live environment where portions of the building remained occupied by students. To minimise disruption, we strategically planned and executed phase-based construction workflows tailored around the school calendar. By doing so, we maintained essential services such as power supply, water, heating, ventilation, and waste management without compromising student safety or comfort.

Despite these complexities, we successfully concluded all works six weeks earlier than initially scheduled. Our proactive approach enabled Clifton College to utilise the newly renovated boarding houses for their new student intake right at the beginning of the academic year in September 2022. The early delivery showcases our commitment to meeting clients' needs beyond expectations.

The total contract value amounted to £1 million, reflecting the comprehensive nature of the project and the exceptional quality standards upheld by Kitto throughout the entire process. With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication, we transformed Hartnell's House into a welcoming, secure, and contemporary living space for future generations of Clifton College students.


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