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BSK Building - Clifton College

Clifton College, Bristol


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January 2018

Project Outline

Refurbishment of existing Grade II listed building for Clifton College


The Big School Kitchen (BSK) at Clifton College is the refurbishment of the first Grade 2 listed building constructed on the Clifton College campus in 1860.  This is a three-storey building with an exposed hammer beam roof construction over the second floor. The ground floor is staffrooms and changing facilities. The first-floor extensive kitchens and refectory area and the second floor a large dining area.

The a large kitchen that caters for the school’s 1,700 students, teachers, and staff. In 2017, Kitto undertook a project to renovate the BSK, which included the installation of new servery counters, the complete refurbishment of the kitchen including new catering equipment floor, and the installation of new ventilation systems and service lift.

The new servery counters allow the kitchen team to cater for over 1,000 meals in an hour, which is essential for a school of Clifton College’s size. The new kitchen floor is finished with a non-slip vinyl with wall finished in Whiterock both easy to clean. The new ventilation and extraction systems help to keep the kitchen cool and free of fumes.

The renovation of the BSK has been a success, and the kitchen is now able to provide high-quality meals to the school’s community. The new servery counters and layout is much more efficient  make it easier for students to get their food.  The new ventilation systems also help to keep the kitchen and dining areas cool and a pleasant environment, which is important for the health of the kitchen staff and students.

Here are some of the benefits of the Big School Kitchen project:

  • Increased capacity: The new servery counters allow the kitchen team to cater for over 1,000 meals in an hour.
  • Improved hygiene: The new kitchen floor is made of a non-slip material that is easy to clean, and the new ventilation systems help to keep the kitchen cool and free of fumes.
  • Increased efficiency: The new kitchen layout is more efficient, which allows the kitchen team to prepare and serve meals more quickly.
  • Improved morale: The new kitchen is a more pleasant place to work, which has boosted the morale of the kitchen staff.
  • Refurbished and updated staff room facilities to improve staff moral and conditions.
  • Refurbished and updated toilet and changing facilities.

The Big School Kitchen project has been a success, and it has improved the quality of food and service at Clifton College. The project has also improved the working conditions for the kitchen staff, which has boosted morale and productivity

We provided a turnkey design and build service, delivering the build on time to allow the school to occupy the new catering facility from January 2018.


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