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Kitto Group celebrate 50 years in the industry

April 27, 2023

In late April 2023, the Kitto Group celebrated a remarkable milestone—50 years of thriving business and impactful relationships in the industry. This significant anniversary was commemorated with a special event held at Kitto House, our company's new headquarters. More than 60 attendees, encompassing past and current clients, developers, consultants, contractors, and employees, gathered to honour this remarkable achievement.

The evening was filled with a warm atmosphere as guests enjoyed drinks, light snacks, and engaging conversations, reflecting on half a century of accomplishments. The event not only celebrated our 50 years but also marked the official opening of Kitto House, a modern space we moved into in March 2022 and which now stands as a symbol of our continued growth and evolution.

Chris Rowe, a key figure in our organisation, kicked off the event with a welcoming speech that set the tone for an evening of nostalgia and forward-looking aspirations. This was followed by a series of heartfelt speeches that highlighted the enduring legacy and future aspirations of the Kitto Group.

Graham Rowe, our founder and owner, captivated the audience with his opening speech. He shared memorable stories and insights from the company's early days, illustrating the journey of growth and success that has defined Kitto Group. His reflections not only honoured the past but also reinforced the foundational principles that continue to guide us.

Adding a client's perspective, we were extremely grateful to have a representative from one of our longstanding clients present who delivered an inspiring speech. He eloquently described how Kitto Group has consistently delivered on promises, emphasising our commitment to reliability and quality. His commendations underscored the strong relationships we have built and maintained over the decades.

The evening concluded with our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been part of our journey. We shared our vision for the future of Kitto Group, outlining the ambitious goals we aim to achieve in the coming years. This forward-looking focus was met with enthusiasm and support from all present, reinforcing the collective commitment to continued excellence.

As we reflect on this memorable event and the 50 years that have led us here, Kitto Group remains dedicated to building on our legacy. We are excited about the future and committed to advancing our industry leadership, fostering lasting relationships, and continuing to deliver exceptional service to all our clients. Here's to the next 50 years of innovation and success at Kitto Group!

Kitto would not be the success it has been without the hard work of those who have been involved with the company over the years, past and present.  It is important we recognise those whose efforts over the years have helped make the company what it is today.

So, on behalf of Kitto, special thanks go to:

  • Our loyal Employees – past and present whose hard work has been instrumental and appreciated
  • Our Consultants – your professional advice has been invaluable 
  • Our Subcontractors – you are a real part of our team!
  • Our Suppliers – making sure we have the right materials and equipment when we need it
  • Our Clients – for ultimately providing and trusting us with their business and building the valued working relationships we have 

All of which have provided much valued support, advice and business over the years and helped shape and make Kitto a success.

March 12, 2024
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